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Alaska Hand Crafted Timberframe Structures

Building the Frame

In some cases we already have or can acquire pre-seasoned framing material. By actively seeking the best timber and then milling the logs 'in house', we can provide our beamery with prime working material. In the beamery, the timbers are planed, bringing out the incredible contours, grains and colors of the timber.
The beams are then cut
, notched and chiseled by master craftsmen to meet the design specifications of the anticipated home. We then coat the timberframe, including the insides of complicated mortise and tenon and housed dovetail joints with natural clear oils.

The timberframe is then ready
for shipping to the new owners homesite, where the exciting process of raising the timberframe commences.

We deliver

Raising the frame is the perhaps most exciting part for the home owner. The site at this time already has the foundation and deck done. The frame members are fitted and pegged into bent systems and raised. Then, the interconnecting girts and purlins are installed until the frame is complete. Using our own boom truck, we can take the time to work patiently and preserve our quality craftsmanship.

Enclosing the Timberframe

Panel Cabin, 8 pieces, erected in 3 hours

We use stress-skin panels, also known as structurally insulated panels (SIP's). This system ensures the highest quality and insulating value in the market today. Although initially expensive, in the long run they save on labor costs.

To learn more about panel systems, we suggest you visit the Premier Panel website at

Because the owner, Russ Walker, is originally from Western PA., if you are interested in an Oak Frame, visit our friends at ‘ATF east’, Atlantic Timberframes


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