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Alaska Hand Crafted Timberframe Structures


Peterkin Hill Home

Juniper Home

Eayrs's Music Room

Beck Entrance

Salzmann Clearstory

Homer Beach House

Clearwater Carport

Himmel Carport

Blankenship Barn

Dickson Remote Build

Scanlon Barn, Homer, August

Krull : Kenai / July






Greear, 11mi E.Road

Hurd , Blackwater Bend  

Schulmiester Residence, Reclaimed Douglas Fir,
Architect: Judd Dickey, Mountain Timber Design

Raising in brief moment of Kachemak Bay Sunshine

Evening, frame finished

The Wong Home,  A 22,000 board foot timberframe built in, Anchorage, Alaska
Architect's model on left and the real thing on the right

The Purrington Home built in
Homer, Alaska
Notice dormers facing south and valley rafter compound joints

Cary Home built of Douglas Fir - Homer, Alaska
Fisher Residence
Spruce frame
Fairbanks, Alaska
36'x36' "Cape"

12x12 Post, 8x15 Beams, 6x11 Girts, 6x8 Rafters. All at once, every direction

Easterlin Shop

Kasilof Alaska Spruce frame

Notice size of building by man in far right corner, above.

2nd Floor Plan

See complete perspective views
of the frame HERE (pdf)


Architectural consulting can be found at Mountain Timber Design

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Fireplaces, Kitchens, Stairs and Railings 


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